4 Vitamins And Minerals That Can Combat Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss has many causes. Some people have a genetic disposition to losing their hair. Others lose hair, at least in part, due to a hormonal imbalance. But a frequently overlooked cause or contributor to hair loss is nutrient deficiencies. Correcting those deficiencies with supplements can help combat hair loss, especially in women. Here are four vitamins and minerals which are particularly helpful for women to combat hair loss.  Biotin Read More 

3 Tips for Finding a Barbershop When You Move to a New City

When you move to a new city, it is all about being acclimated. Although it is important to find important places, such as the nearest grocery store and physician, it is also important to find the right barber. When it comes to sitting in a barber's chair, it is about more than the haircut; it is also about the experience. To ensure you find a barbershop that meets your needs in every area, learn about some of the methods you can use to find a new barber. Read More 

Great Advice for Purchasing Skin Moisturizer

If you have dry skin, one of the best products you can purchase is skin moisturizers. It helps lubricate your skin in a sense and makes it healthier in many ways. There are a lot of skin moisturizers out there, but you can find something that works great by keeping in mind these tips. Assess Skin Type The options for skin moisturizers are pretty vast today, but not all moisturizers are designed for the same type of skin. Read More 

Why Should You Dye Your Beard With Brush-On Beard Color?

Beards are more popular among men than going without facial hair: across the globe, more than50% of men wear beards regularly. To keep your beard fashionable and attractive, you do many things to the facial hair, like combing, grooming, trimming, and otherwise keeping your beard controlled and tidy. Dyeing your beard is another option you can consider when it comes to beard care. Dyeing your beard can yield many positive results and give you greater confidence in your facial hair, all without looking unrealistic and keeping a natural color. Read More 

Why Schedule Hair Salon Services For The Holidays?

The holidays are on the horizon—and that means you need hair salon services galore. What types of services make the most sense during this festive time of the year? Take a look at the top reasons to schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist: Holiday Photos Your family's photos are pictures to cherish for years to come. Not only will you keep these pictures on your phone or in an album, but you may also send them out as cards to your friends and family. Read More