Natural Hair Removal Techniques To Try

Having unwanted hair on your arms, upper lip, or other area can be annoying. Having hair professionally removed with lasers can be expensive, and harsh home chemicals can leave your skin irritated and raw. Luckily there are many home or natural remedies you can try to remove unwanted hair safely and effectively. Here are some natural hair removal techniques you can try. Papaya  When you mash fresh papaya you get a papain-infused concoction that can work wonders in removing hair potentially permanently over time. Read More 

Getting Rid Of Head Lice When Your Child’s Head Becomes Infested

Head lice is difficult to treat, even when your child has short hair. Most children have trouble sitting still, and don't want combing through their hair with a tiny comb. The problem is, if you don't kill the head lice, they will continue to infest your child's head. If you don't wash bedding in the child's room, your child's head will quickly become infested again. It won't matter how many times you wash your child's hair if you aren't using the right products and the right techniques at the same time. Read More 

Getting Rid Of Lice: What You Should Know About Treatment And Prevention

You may have recently found out your child has caught lice from someone else while at school. It is not uncommon for children to catch lice in a school environment where they are surrounded by other kids. It often happens when the kids are sitting closely together or sharing certain items, such as hair brushes, headbands and even hats. If your child has lice, it is necessary to get rid of them because they will not go away on their own. Read More 

Why Your Fingernails Are Not Growing And What You Can Do About It

A doctor can tell a lot about your health by looking at your nail beds and nails. Conditions like iron deficiency, arsenic poisoning, thyroid problems, liver failure, psoriasis and lupus shows up in your nails. If your fingernails are breaking and brittle, then there could be several reasons for this problem. Here is why your fingernails are not growing strong and what you can do about it. Low Hemoglobin If your nails are not growing, then you could have low iron. Read More