4 Vitamins And Minerals That Can Combat Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss has many causes. Some people have a genetic disposition to losing their hair. Others lose hair, at least in part, due to a hormonal imbalance. But a frequently overlooked cause or contributor to hair loss is nutrient deficiencies. Correcting those deficiencies with supplements can help combat hair loss, especially in women. Here are four vitamins and minerals which are particularly helpful for women to combat hair loss. 


Biotin is a B vitamin that plays an important role in the growth of hair and nails. While serious deficiencies are rare, many people have minor deficiencies in biotin, and this can cause a range of symptoms including hair loss, brittle hair, and brittle nails. Biotin is naturally found in egg yolks, organ meats, and whole grains, which are foods that many people do not eat all that often. Supplementing with biotin is a great way to correct a mild deficiency and combat hair loss without having to make drastic dietary changes.


Iron is a mineral that plays a lot of different roles in metabolism. A deficiency in iron can make it harder for the blood to transport nutrients and oxygen to your cells, including those involved with hair growth. For this reason, people with iron deficiencies tend to lose hair and have weak hair. Iron deficiency is quite common in women. While many patients can raise their levels by eating more red meat, it can be easier (and in some cases, more in line with one's ethics) to take an iron supplement.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of iron. If you don't have enough vitamin C in your body, you can eat all the red meat you want and still end up deficient in iron, which of course will contribute to hair loss. So, many women may find that supplementing their diets with vitamin C, alongside iron, can help combat hair loss.


Zinc is a mineral that your body uses for a number of functions, including cell division and growth. Cell division is important for hair growth, which is why a zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss and brittle hair. Many people are deficient in zinc, especially if they follow a vegan diet since animal products are the best sources of the nutrient. Thankfully, it's easy to find zinc supplements.

Supplementing with these four minerals can help combat hair loss, especially in women. Look for a supplement that contains all four of these nutrients, and you'll only have to swallow one pill a day. Contact a company that provides women's hair loss vitamins for more information.