Tips For Choosing The Perfect Haircut

If you are tired of the way your hair looks and are ready for a new look, you might want to choose a completely different haircut than you have ever had before. Choosing a new haircut can be exciting, but it can also be scary too, and you should make sure you take time to research what hairstyle would look good on you. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect hairstyle. Read More 

5 Reasons It May Be Worthwhile To Invest In A Shampoo Bowl & Cabinet

If you are in the process of purchasing new equipment for your salon, you may want to invest in a shampoo bowl with a built-in cabinet. Here are five reasons why this type of salon equipment may make sense for you. #1 Lightweight & Movable One of the big advantages of a shampoo bowl that can be set in a cabinet is that the bowl is generally really light. That means you can easily pick up the bowl and move it to another location if necessary. Read More 

Before, During, and After: What to Know About Facial Waxing

Women with facial hair fight a constant battle to keep their secret. This usually means using a variety of products and keeping tweezers close at hand. Shaving, tweezing, and depilatory creams all work but have many side effects. Shaving can make the facial hair look thicker and darker, and tweezing is time consuming and nearly impossible if the hair is thick. Creams are harsh, and many women suffer allergic reactions and burns when using the products. Read More