5 Reasons It May Be Worthwhile To Invest In A Shampoo Bowl & Cabinet

If you are in the process of purchasing new equipment for your salon, you may want to invest in a shampoo bowl with a built-in cabinet. Here are five reasons why this type of salon equipment may make sense for you.

#1 Lightweight & Movable

One of the big advantages of a shampoo bowl that can be set in a cabinet is that the bowl is generally really light. That means you can easily pick up the bowl and move it to another location if necessary. This makes the shampoo bowl portable as well as stationary at the same time.

#2 Come With All Essential Parts

Second, when you purchase a shampoo and cabinet combination, you are going to get all the parts for the shampoo bowl. You are not going to have to buy additional accessories. The set-up that you purchase should come with things such as: spring tubes, fittings and hardware. You should not have to purchase these items separately, which you often have to do when you buy an individual shampoo bowl.

#3 Provides Additional Storage

Third, a shampoo bowl with a cabinet is great because it provides you with additional storage. You can use the cabinet as a place to store the different beauty products that you need to use when you shampoo people's hair. In a salon, where space is limited and often costs a premium, this extra storage can be really useful and provide you with the space that you really need.

You should have room for all the supplies that you need and many shampoo cabinets also have a towel bar so you'll have somewhere to hang up your towels as well.

#4 Reasonable Price Wise Compared To Just A Shampoo Bowl

Fourth, a shampoo bowl and cabinet combination usually does not cost that more than a shampoo bowl on its own. However, it provides you with all the hardware and accessories that you need at the same price or just a bit more than what you would get with a shampoo bowl.

#5 Allows For A Sitting Chair

Finally, when you have a shampoo bowl that is integrated into the cabinet, you will be able to use a sitting chair with the shampoo bowl. This allows you to provide an even more customized experience for your clients. You can invest in a cozy, adjustable chair that your clients will enjoy sitting in, making the entire experience of getting their hair washed, cut, and colored at your salon more pleasant. 

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