Plant-Based Products That Are Good For Your Hair

Keratin, glycerin, and collagen are byproducts found in animal cells. These ingredients are found in some hair products. If you consume a vegan diet and are against testing measures that animals undergo during the manufacturing of some products, consider switching your current lineup of hair products to a company that offers vegan products—such as Innovative Beauty Distributors.

Plant-Based Products

Many manufacturers of hair products have introduced vegan shampoos, conditioners, setting gels, and sprays. In recent years, there has been more public attention on the benefits of using natural materials to manufacture goods. By using plant varieties, in place of animal proteins or compounds, no animals are subjected to testing.

There is a wide range of plant varieties that possess beneficial properties. These properties may include nourishing the hair from the root to the tip, softening hair strands, and detangling hair.

A consumer who would like to reap the benefits that a series of plant-based products provide should be aware that if a product is advertised as 'cruelty-free', it does not mean that animal-based ingredients haven't been added to the product. Advertising that states that products are 'cruelty-free' simply means that testing wasn't conducted on animals. These products could contain animal derivatives, however.

Wholesale Products

Vegan products may contain flaxseed, ginseng, shea butter, avocado oil, and other organic ingredients. Some wholesalers who produce a natural line of hair products may infuse a care product with an herbal oil. An oil may possess beneficial properties, including a pleasant scent that will leave hair smelling great.

If you are tired of purchasing overpriced products that are advertised through a retailer, purchase products directly from a wholesaler. You will not incur unfair price markups, by avoiding purchases that are made through a retailer. Determine your cost savings, by comparing retail prices against wholesale ones.

A wholesaler may offer direct shipments, which will prevent you from needing to drive to a store, to acquire vegan hair products. If you discover a vegan product that improves the condition of your hair considerably, purchase bulk containers of the product. The bulk containers may cost much less per ounce than standard wholesale bottles of a particular product.

Pour the contents from one of the large containers into small dispensers. Place one dispenser in each bathroom in your home. A complete line of wholesale products that all contain the same scent can be layered. Use a distinctly-scented vegan shampoo and conditioner. Follow up, by using similarly-scented styling products.