Who Should Use Goat Milk Rose Clay Soap?

Goat milk rose clay soap is exactly what its long name makes it sound like: soap made from goat's milk, rose, and clay. This may seem like an odd combination of ingredients, but actually, the three work together to create quite a beneficial soap. Who can benefit from using goat milk rose clay soap? Take a look.

1. People with perpetually dry skin.

If you have dry skin, it can sometimes feel like you're slathering on lotion several times a day, but with no relief. This could be because, in spite of all the lotion you're using, you're also using a soap that strips your skin's moisture barrier and removes its natural oils. Goat milk rose clay soap won't do this. The goat's milk cleans gently without removing your skin's natural oils, and the clay helps seal in moisture. You should notice a difference within a few days when you start using this soap. You might not even need so much lotion anymore!

2. People with occasional breakouts.

If you have severe acne, then you should see a dermatologist for a prescription product. But for mild acne or occasional breakouts, you may just need to switch to goat milk rose clay soap. The rose water used in this soap has mild antibacterial properties, so it can help kill acne-causing bacteria. Also, as mentioned above, the soap will help restore your skin's natural moisture barrier, so bacteria have a harder time getting into your pores and causing breakouts.

3. People with sensitive skin.

When you have sensitive skin, so many ingredients in mass-produced soaps and cleansers can be irritating. Goat milk rose clay soap, however, is very gentle and should not make your skin red or irritated. Once they switch to this soap and notice a difference in their skin, a lot of people realize their skin was more sensitive than they thought.

4. People with hyper-pigmentation. 

Have you noticed that your skin has developed some age spots and hyperpigmentation? Goat milk rose clay soap may help ease the appearance of your current age spots and prevent new ones from forming. The goat's milk is a natural exfoliant, helping to free dead skin cells from your skin's surface. This allows the deeper, healthier, more evenly pigmented layers of your skin to come through.

If you deal with any of the issues above, give goat milk rose clay soap a try. It's simple, natural, and effective.