Great Leave-In Conditioner Ingredients For Curly Hair

Having curly hair can come with additional hurdles. Since it is harder for your natural oils to work their way down the strands, you may find your hair becomes dry easily. Also, the curlier your hair, the more it loves to tangle. Leave-in conditioners are essential to keep your hair moisturized, thereby reducing tangles.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice has numerous benefits for your hair. It is moisturizing and can help protect your hair from the sun. Try using it after rinsing out your regular conditioner or using a deep conditioning treatment. Since you will likely rinse out the conditioner with warm water, the cuticle of your hair is open. Spritzing your hair with cold aloe vera juice will help seal the cuticle, thereby trapping in the moisture from your conditioning treatments. Aloe vera also works as refresher treatment. You may not be ready to wash and restyle your hair. Try using a steam treatment to lift the cuticle and hydrate your hair and follow-up with aloe vera juice to refresh your curls.


The use of glycerin as part of your leave-in conditioner can create a love-hate relationship. When glycerin is used appropriately, it can help attract more moisture to your hair. Bad timing with the use of glycerin can leave your curls dry or create more frizz. To figure out the right use of glycerin, you need to know your dew points. When the dew points are high, there is significant moisture in the air and adding glycerin to your leave-in may cause your hair to frizz or increase in volume. Conversely, when the dew points are low, the air is dry and glycerin will cause the moisture to leave your hair and be absorbed by the atmosphere. Depending on where you live, you may have comfortable dew points for most of the year. Otherwise, your use of glycerin may be limited to the spring and fall.


Oils can be added to your favorite leave-in conditioner or mixed with water and other ingredients for a homemade version (just be sure to shake well). Everyone's hair will react differently to various oils, so you will need to experiment. If you have fine, short, or low-density hair, you might prefer a lightweight oil, since it is less likely to feel greasy or weigh down your hair. Some lightweight oils include jojoba and argan oil. For long, dense, or coarse strands, castor oil might be right. Although most oils do not genuinely add moisture because they cannot be absorbed by the hair strand, they can help water stay inside your strand and reducing evaporation. A small amount of oil can also help your hair strands slide over each other instead of tangling.

Leave-in conditioners are a staple when you have curly hair. Making your own leave-in conditioner or adding ingredients to a retail product can help you find the ideal conditioner for your hair. For more information, talk to a professional like Envii Hair Care.